Welcome to all of you witches and wizards, muggles, movie junkies, and travel enthusiasts! Welcome to my blog “franoculars”!~

If you are wondering about this peculiar name, it is simply the mixture of my first name, “Francesca,” and the term “Omnioculars,” which will be more familiar to those of you who are Potterheads like me. In short, Omnioculars are a sort of magical version of our binoculars, which wizards use not only to enlarge distant objects, but to analyze them in detail through options like play, fast-forward, and playback (much like a pair of binoculars with built-in video player).

Together, we will use this wondrous tool to look at and discuss everything Harry Potter and movies. Additionally, I will use my personal omnioculars to give you a peek into my life as an expat living in South Korea.

Have you grabbed your omnioculars yet? Let’s quickly dive into the world of FRANOCULARS!

p.s. I currently speak three languages, so feel free to comment or contact me by either using English, Italian or Korean.