Is Jacob a squib? My response

Hi there!~ today I have watched the latest video my the famous youtube channel Supercarlinbrothers. Specifically, their latest theory argues that the character of Jacob from the Fantastic Beasts saga might be a squib. As a major piece of evidence for this claim they present their reactions to a scene taking place at the end … Continue reading Is Jacob a squib? My response


The second Elder Wand?

Heya Potterheads!~ I am re-reading the deathly hallows these days and I stumbled upon a very interesting statement made by Ollivander in chapter 24 "The Wandmaker." To refresh your memory, in this chapter, Harry is questioning the British wandmaker about the existence of the so-called Elder Wand (also known as Death Stick or Destiny Wand); … Continue reading The second Elder Wand?