The second Elder Wand?

Heya Potterheads!~

I am re-reading the deathly hallows these days and I stumbled upon a very interesting statement made by Ollivander in chapter 24 “The Wandmaker.”
To refresh your memory, in this chapter, Harry is questioning the British wandmaker about the existence of the so-called Elder Wand (also known as Death Stick or Destiny Wand); therefore confirming his theory about the Deathly Hallows and Voldemort’s quest for the most powerful among them.

At a certain point, Harry directly asks Ollivander whether he informed the Dark Lord about the location of the legendary stick, to which the wandmaker answers:

“It was a ru­mor,” whis­pered Ol­li­van­der. “A ru­mor, years and years ago, long be­fore you were born I be­lieve Gre­gorovitch him­self start­ed it. You can see how good it would be for busi­ness; that he was study­ing and du­pli­cat­ing the qual­ities of the El­der Wand!”

I would like you to pay attention to the last part of the quote:

… that he was study­ing and du­pli­cat­ing the qual­ities of the El­der Wand!”

When I read this, a spark lighted up in my brain and that’s how my theory about the second elder wand came about. I know some other people have already noticed what I am going to talk about, but as far as I have searched I couldn’t find anyone that provided the above piece of evidence (and others that I will illustrate further in this post); and in any case, even if I am wrong, I would really like to discuss this topic with other Potterheads on my blog.

By the way, if you would be so kind to leave a comment, why don’t you introduce yourself by saying to which house you belong to? Officially, I am a Gryffindor, but I feel like I am somewhere in between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw (a Gryffinclaw in short aha).

Now, let’s go back to the “second elder wand” argument. As many have noticed, the first promotional photos of Crimes of Grindelwald displayed a young (and super sexy, let’s be honest) Dumbledore holding the wand that he had been using before famously winning the elder one from Grindelwald, which happened in their final duel. This detail has been made even more evident by Pottermore itself, which not only posted the first promotional photo of the movie, but nicely displayed a close up of the newly designed wand (see photo below).

First promotional photo of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald as posted by Pottermore on 16th Nov 2017

It actually takes a bit to notice it, but Dumbledore is seen holding a wand very similar to that of Grindelwald and it is not coincidental, as I believe, that among all the people only three (namely Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and Newt) are showcased with their wands. Obviously, the movie makers wanted us to observe this detail and start to make our assumptions.

Detail on the the Elder Wand (on the left) and young Dumbledore’s wand (on the right) as shown by Pottermore in the promotional photos of Crimes of Grindelwald [16th Nov, 2017]
Close-up on Dumbledore and his wand before he famously won the Elder Wand from Grindelwald

In the same article, Pottermore comments the close-up of the two very similar wands as follows:

“Eagle-eyed fans may also have noted this close-up of Dumbledore’s wand next to the Elder Wand. All things come to those who wait, Albus… “

Is this all a mere coincidence?? I THINK NOT!

I mean, what exactly do they mean with the last part of the sentence: “All things come to those who wait, Albus..” Does it hint at the fact that Dumbledore was so eager to get the elder wand that he tried to replicate it? Therefore, it’s like they are telling Albus ” please be patient, we can see you are very eager to get this wand, but with patience and time your desire will come true.” What is your take on this sentence?

Now, from this point things start to get a bit more interesting.. and maybe more puzzling?

One year after the release of these first promotional images, Pottermore yet releases a few more exactly one month before the premiere of Crimes of Grindelwald. Can you notice anything different from the images below?

Crimes of Grindelwald promotional photo posted by Pottermore [10 October 2018]
Crimes of Grindelwald promotional photo posted by Pottermore [10 October 2018]


This, of course, has sparked much confusion among fans, who have tried to come up with reasons for the change.

In a feature video by Tessa netting with Eddie Redmayne upon the theatrical premiere of Crimes of Grindelwald (Nov 13, 2018. Only 3 days before the official opening) something really peculiar happens. You can find the video in question here:

Eddie is asked to identify the Crimes of Grindelwald’s new wands only with his touch. When it is the turn of Dumbledore’s wand, even when not prompted by the girl, this is what the actor coincidentally (or maybe not so) comments:

“I could tell you exactly who this is. This is Dumbledore’s wand because, in the film, it started as one wand and then halfway through Joe was watching the rushes and she realized that one looked a bit too much like the Elder Wand so it changed halfway through to this beautiful sculptural wand.”

So, this is how the wand is supposed to have changed its shape. Do you think the entire Film production and the authors behind Pottermore (to which I am sure,or rather hope, Joe has still a lot of control and supervision?) could almost offhandedly have posted the promotional photos of Dumbledore’s wand (the one similar to the elder wand) without first having consulted with J.K. Rowling?

As the mind of this world, Rowling has always been the one creating the characteristics of wands as well. I cannot believe that the film production was left to decide for the design of any wand, even more of such an important character like Dumbledore’s. But, let’s say, that even hypothetically they were allowed to design the wands by themselves, it seems ridiculous that they wouldn’t have shown the design of the wand to the author before even filming. I just can’t believe that. Furthermore, it looks very suspicious to me that the first comment by Redmayne upon touching the wand is the one explaining about how there has been a change in its design halfway through filming. As I said, it completely looks illogical, if not even careless, to design a wand of such an important character without first asking for the author’s approval. How could they just start filming without her approval?

In addition, I have gathered another piece of evidence that makes the whole even more suspicious. Through some online research, I found that filming of Crimes of Grindelwald ended in December 2017. As I have stated previously, the first promotional images showing Dubledore’s copy of the elder wand were first released in november 2017. SO!!!!!
Let’s believe for a second that J.K. noticed HALFWAY THROUGH that Dubledore’s wand was too similar to the original Elder wand, why still release the promotional images showing the same wand that she had disapproved of??? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I don’t want to believe that the Pottermore authors were so offhanded as to not notice or disregard this mistake. Surely, the film production should have shot new photos with the later version of Dumbledore’s wand (the twisted one) and amend their mistake; but such didn’t happen. This leads me to believe that it was intentional, but somehow they are trying to cover it up? (with the actors as accomplices) not to reveal too much about the plot and twists of the upcoming movies in the franchise??

Again, all my theories might crumble if all this turns out to be a huge mistake and oversight on their part…

But going back to the beginning of my post, to Ollivander’s words:

“It was a ru­mor,” whis­pered Ol­li­van­der. “A ru­mor, years and years ago, long be­fore you were born I be­lieve Gre­gorovitch him­self start­ed it. You can see how good it would be for busi­ness; that he was study­ing and du­pli­cat­ing the qual­ities of the El­der Wand!”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter 24 “The Wandmaker”

We know that the ordeal with Grindelwald changed Dumbledore for good, and that after a short period of dreams of power and domination he became the champion of justice that we know him to be. However, I believe that even after his experience, change didn’t happen overnight, and that he still cherished the idea of being the master of one of the Deathly Hallows (as we learn in HP 7, even when he was old he still wanted to try James’ invisibility cloak simply because he was still attracted to this old dream of possessing the hallows). It is possible that (after his separation from Grindelwald) out of this still lingering attraction, and also because he needed an equal weapon to face off the elder wand, Dumbledore came into possession of Gregorovitch’s research. After Grindelwald stole the elder wand from Gregorovitch, Albus, which for sure came to know of this fact, decided to give credit to the other rumors and seek help from the wandmaker to recreate another version of the elder wand. It might be also possible that with his incredible skills Albus stole Gregorovitch’s research, but I highly doubt that he would have fallen so low given his moral values.

Sorry for the super long post, I hope you found it interesting and I am very curious about what you think on the matter!!! Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

My next post is going to be about apparition, its limits and contradictions.



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