Enjoying the Vibrant Autumn Colors of Changdeok Palace’s “Secret Garden”

Secret Garden – Changdeok Palace- Seoul. Image subject to copyright, for information on how to purchase my photos please contact me.

This photo was taken in early Autumn inside of the “Secret Garden” of Changdeok Palace (Seoul). Despite its classification as a “garden,” this popular tourist attraction is non-other than a quiet forest encased in the loud hubbub of the capital city. Preserved in its pristine state since the Choson Dynasty, I highly recommend visiting the site during the Autumn season, which makes it characteristic for its vibrant chromaticity of greens, yellows, oranges, and reds! The area is accessible only through paid tours (which cost around 5 dollars), which means you are not allowed to wonder off by yourself and always have to stick with the guide (it can be a bit frustrating because the time allotted to photography is limited in each part of the forest complex, but I think they have their right of wanting to protect the nature from some careless visitors). Furthermore, the fresh weather of the season allows you to walk (or rather hike as the path is intermittently steep and plain) more comfortably and enjoy the numerous works of architecture spread throughout the site. I have been here already three times, and I can never get enough!


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