Adorable Statuettes from Jeju (Dol Hareubang)

Miniature Dol Hareubang from Jeju Island. Image subject to copyright, contact me if interested in purchasing

Last year I went to Jeju Island in the South of South Korea (sorry for the puns aha) and I found everywhere these cute stone statuettes that are actually miniatures of much larger statues portraying the “Dol Hareubang,” aka deities of protection and fertility. These smaller versions are sold everywhere around the island, especially in tourist spots and are obviously the most recognizable symbol of the local cultural heritage. I found these two sitting on a wooden fence by the seaside and immediately captured their cuteness!~ Do you like the way I have altered the photo? I felt like I wanted to isolate the foreground further from the rest by applying a black-white filter to the background and highlight the beautiful colors of the front shell~


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